This Australian based website has been set up to support gay men who are planning on, or who are already parents. The site includes an active Discussion lists and Calendars for Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland groups  which keeps state members informed of events and topical discussion. Emails to the list asking for support, advice or just sharing of parenting stories are encoura… Read all

The Australian today has a wonderful article on our families.  It includes amongst others Mark, Allan and Rani, a gay dad parented, surrogacy family. Two of the sweetest, most devoted dads I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Their story, like all of our stories are ones that are important.  Not just to the rest of the world, but to our children.  As they grow up they will… Read all

METAIRIE, La. — A conservative, anti-gay pastor who has staged protests against New Orleans’ Southern Decadence Festival, calling the predominantly gay event “perversion,” has been arrested for allegedly masturbating in a park adjacent to a children’s playground.Grant StormsThe Rev. Grant Storms was arrested for obscenity after two witnesses told police they saw him touching himself whil… Read all

Gays Seeking Asylum in U.S. Encounter a New HurdleBy Dan Bilefsky

Romulo Castro considered attending his asylum interview in Rosedale, Queens, dressed as Fidela Castro, a towering drag queen in six-inch stilettos, a bright green poodle skirt and a mane of strawberry blond hair. In the end, Mr. Castro, 34, opted for what he described as understatement: pink eye shadow, a bright pink… Read all

Scam Warnings

There is no Prize Draw, Award or Competition. If you receive a message that says you have won a prize, then it is not real. Please report to support immediately.If a member is asking you to send them money, be very cautious. We recommend that you do not send any money to any person under any circumstances. Read all

DREW SHELDRICK When two Australian expats say they're taking you to their “local” in Dubai, one doesn't immediately expect it to be a five-star hotel called 'The Address'. Given the Emirati proclivity for decadence - and tight liquor licensing laws - it was a naïve misjudgement on my part.As a half-hourly water show, accompanied by Whitney Houston's ‘I Will Always Love You’, began underneath the… Read all